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Custody in the age of digital assets

The market for digital assets has evolved dramatically since the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper nearly ten years ago. From Bitcoin’s origins as a peer-to-peer system of value…

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Bitcoin & the Rise of Digital Gold

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has grown from a small-scale experiment into the dominant leader of a new asset class, with a $90 billion market capitalisation and the potential to…

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Tell Me about Bitcoin

Tell Me About Bitcoin What does Bitcoin intend to solve? Bitcoin was created to put a global, digital, peg on fiat currency. Since 1971, money around the world has not…

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The State of Stablecoins 2019

Hype vs. Reality in the Race for Stable, Global, Digital Money Today, money is broken in some parts of the world – governments have a hard time maintaining stable value…

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Mitigating Capital Risks in Crypto

Cryptographic assets (crypto assets) – has a market capitalization of just under US$130B and is the fastest-growing segment of the fintech landscape in terms of projects, institutional adoption, and investment….

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Megatrend Digitalisation

Is Bitcoin outshining gold? The stock-to-flow approach originating in commodity-market analysis serves to quantify the “hardness” of an asset. Applied to Bitcoin, an unusually strong correlation emerges between the market…

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