Crypto, What Is It Good For?

An Overview of Cryptocurrency Use Cases

Over a decade ago, a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto was distributed to a cryptography mailing list outlining a novel proposal for a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” called bitcoin. This innovation spurred a new, global industry and an asset class that has created hundreds of billions of dollars in value, and inspired a generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has led to the creation and operation of new global, decentralized networks that have been used by over 100 million people across the world to transfer trillions of dollars of value.

While cryptocurrencies are most often recognized as new monetary systems and financial networks, the public blockchain networks that they secure can be used to power diverse use cases and create new applications across industries.

While much has been written about blockchain technology, there is little discussion of cryptocurrencies beyond the price and financial speculation. The Council has thus created this booklet to highlight a non-exhaustive list of companies, protocols, and projects that represent the diversity of use cases that cryptocurrencies and the networks which they power can enable.